F R E E D O M

           By Josie Whitehead



Freedom walks the universe
     And steps across the Milky Way.
She greets the moon and then the sun
       Who heralds in a brand new day.

Freedom watches gulls in flight
     That sweep and dive across the sea
And smiles as rivers drift and flow
       To far and unknown destinies.

Freedom treks vast ocean beds
     Where creatures of the sea-world dwell
And, hidden here, far from mankind,
     They live within its boundless swell.   

Freedom flies where eagles soar
     Far from the grip of mindless man
Who seeks supremacy on earth
     With others not within his plan. 
Freedom weeps for human souls
     Ensnared by gender, class or race.
She sees the anguish and the fear
     Engraved upon each cheerless face.

Freedom mourns for such as these,
     Where servitude chokes human pride;
Ambition dies and lust for life. 
       Enjoyed by us, in them has died.


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Freedom - for older Children
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