By Josie Whitehead

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Importance of Stones (The)

Think of stones that cover floors
     And those used in a wall.
Name the largest stone you know.
      Which stones are very small?

We place a value on our stones,
   And some become our jewels:
Hammers, anvils, pliers, files
   Are jewellery-making tools.

Humans mark out boundaries.
    Which ones are marked in stone?
Well look at fields and garden walls.
    We mark the things we own.

Some stones are hard, and others soft
    And some let water through.
They come in many pretty shades 
    Of browns, of greens and blues.

Think of early Stone Age man:
     What weapons did he use?
What did he use for making tools?
     You'll know just what he'd choose.  


When someone’s life comes to its end,
      We make a visual sign
To show they shared this world with us
      And a gravestone we design.

From building blocks to valued gems,
      In fields, our homes and art -
Stones all feature in man's world
      And play a vital part.

Copyright on all my poems 


This poems should provide much food-for-thought for a discussion in your classroom.  Josie

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