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What can we do? 

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Hello Children:

Did you like the story of the Ice Cream (oh no, no, no - it wasn't Ice Cream was it?  It was the story of the Ice . . . . . ?  ha ha  The Ice Queen of course.  Who was her special friend?  Where did she live and what things did she have that you don't have?  Why did she prefer what you have to what she had?  

Let's go to another JOSIE'S POEM today:  Canine Maths.  I've visited many schools via skype and at one school the children had chosen this poem to perform for me and they said that it made them laugh - especially those who had dogs.  

Listen to the poem:  

Canine Maths

My little Jack Russell, Gemma, used to be like this at first, but I put a mail box on the wall at first and she was happy as long as she didn't see and smell the postman's hand on our letter-box.  Later she became friends with the postman and never bothered with this subject again.  Chasing squirrels was much more fun, but we had wild ducks and their babies who visited our garden and Gemma was told to 'Leave them alone' and so she and the ducks were best friends and she even used to sit in the garden with Mother Duck and her babies, quite happily  - but, squirrels?  They were sport.  She never ever caught one though.

How about your pet?  Write a little bit about what they like to do and don't like to do.     Josie 

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