My message to the children of the world who come to my websites in their millions from (last count) 188 countries of the world:
Welcome to my own World Poetry Year 2020.  Enough of National Days or Months here:  Let's celebrate World Poetry Year together on this website. 
Let's have fun and also bring happiness to others at the same time with my poems.  No, you don't have to touch books in libraries, shops, schools etc where, sadly, you could find the Corona virus waiting to get you. This website, along with my others is entirely made by me, so it is 100% safe for your children, with no advertising.  It is my present to you all and a delight to have done it for the children.  
FIRSTLY:  Why not come to my website each day to both hear and then read (perhaps) one of my poems - and try lots of them.  You never know what you like if you don't try first, do you?  Then you might like to read my next paragraph and go to the page below.  So . . . . .
LET'S PLAY POETRY:  Have lots and lots of fun with poetry whilst you are young and, if you do, you'll always love it, as I do.  I'm doing a page with some ideas for you - a little each week - and not only can you listen to and read my poems, but perhaps learn a little bit about poetry writing too.  Go to this page now:
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